About (Demo)

Designing Digital Media with Powerful Visual Impact.

We add valuable extensions of your vision, business, products, ideas to others. We serve you well to project and express your vision to the world; the way you want it understood. We deal with our clients with integrity and excellence so we can deliver on our promises. We want your experience with us to be educational, so you can learn how to get the most out of what we can do for you.

We play that role that helps your vision come to life.

Giant Killer Media Design, L.C. was formed in November of 2002.

We named this company Giant Killer in comparison to the Biblical passage of “David and Goliath” . When you look back in the Bible when God’s people were being oppressed, you will be surprised to find how many times there was a Giant blocking their way. 

Today is no different. In our media industries we see Giants that are oppressive and are dominating the way today’s culture is being projected. Today’s media outlets are feeding a vision to you that is dark and oppressive.

If your vision is not clearly expressed, how many people will it truly reach? Even with the negative connotation that our name “Giant Killer ” might have to some, know that it is an aggressive mindset that we take on to get your vision out there. Let us be the kind of company you want to be connected with.